How to protect your email address from spam and phishing attacks?

Spam, tricks, and phishing plans will proceed to develop and change. However, since you realize what to search for—and what to evade—you can keep your inbox and PC that much more secure.

Few tips to manage emails better

When you open your inbox, the first thing you can do is sweep and see what you can delete. Take a glance at the subject line and the sender. Is it trash? Is this a one-of-a-kind email that you'll never read? Is it a message from your collaborator stating in the subject line that they'll be out today, with no chance that any additional detail in the body of the email will be important to you? Toss it out assuming this is right.

10 tips to write effective emails

The extemporized to and fro design we are alright with in web-based media discussions contrasts extraordinarily from the pre-arranged, more independent messages most experts expect in the work environment.

How to unsend an email in Gmail and Outlook?

I bet that we've all been there. That feeling of fear and trembling when you realize you hit send on an email that you shouldn't have. Don't worry, there are many ways to unsend (recall) that email.

10 important email security tips you should keep in mind

Cybersecurity is a term that we all know to be important, but it often goes ignored when we fool ourselves into believing that "it won't happen to us." In fact, anyone with an email address is highly susceptible to being exposed to cyberattacks.

6 ways can help you avoiding spam emails

It isn't astounding that the majority of us have experienced various spam messages in our inbox and in all honesty, your online activities adds to the spam messages that you get. Here are six straightforward approaches to battle spam and to get yourself safe on the web

What is disposable email address?

These days, obviously every person you know has an email address. The usage of email is now wide and varied, from communicating with friends, colleagues and acquaintances to using the email address as an online identity.