What is disposable email address?

Admin - 14 Mar 2021

What is disposable email address?

These days, obviously every person you know has an email address. The usage of email is now wide and varied, from communicating with friends, colleagues and acquaintances to using the email address as an online identity. Almost all the services and apps you sign up for requires an email address, and so do most contest entries and loyalty cards.

While it's nice to have a single address for everything, getting bombarded by tons of emails every day that you really don't want to receive can be frustrating. Luckily, there's a simple way through which you can stop all the hassle, and that is using a disposable email address. Disposable email address is also known as temporary email address, throwaway email address or burner.

In this article, we'll show you everything you need to know about a disposable email address, and how you can start using disposable email addresses with GigaInbox.com.

What is a Disposable Email Address?

Before digging into the details, let's first understand what a disposable email address is.

Nowadays, every online service requires you to provide your personal email address. However, the problem of spam and other unexpected emails is increasing. The more you provide your real email address, the more spam emails you possibly receive. Plenty of forums, blogs and websites ask audiences to register before they can post comments, view restricted content or download stuff. A disposable email account will allow the user to do the registration and verify it without exposing the real email address to spam.

Therefore, disposable email addresses can help you avoiding this problem by providing you a different email address each time you sign up for a service.

Some reasons highlight disposable email address's necessity

  • For example, you just created an amazing web app and you need to test it completely before releasing it to the real users. You can get your-self hundreds of different disposable email addresses and use them for fake accounts and test your app right away.
  • In another situation, you would like to sign up for a store's loyalty card. But you would rather not get emails from the store advertising all their new products. In this case, use a disposable email address instead, and you'll never have to see those emails. Also, if the store gets hacked by any chance, your real email address will remain safe.
  • One day, you find an interesting forum and you want to join, but you're unsure about their security or privacy, again you just need a disposable email address to sign up for a test account.

The reasons written here are only some of the many reasons why one should use a disposable email address. If you want to create your disposable email address, don't hesitate and start using GigaInbox.com right away. With help from GigaInbox.com, you'll be able to create unique and easy to use disposable email addresses that you can access at any given time. Give it a shot and take your security to the next level.