How to unsend an email in Gmail and Outlook?

Admin - 22 Mar 2021

How to unsend an email in Gmail and Outlook?

I bet that we've all been there. That feeling of fear and trembling when you realize you hit send on an email that you shouldn't have. Don't worry, there are many ways to unsend (recall) that email.

Can you recall an email in Gmail or Outlook?

It seems like such an essential innovation, right? While unsending an email can be a bit tricky, it is possible in Gmail and Outlook to undo that. Let's dig a little deeper.

Just do it quickly, the sooner you unsend and correct that unfortunate email, the better!

Recall your sent email in Gmail

Gmail users everywhere, rejoice! You can recall an email in Gmail after accidentally sending it. To unsend your email in Gmail, simply follow the simple instructions below.

  • In the bottom left corner of your screen, you should see a Message sent tab and two options within that pop-up: View message and Undo.
  • Simply click on Undo — the email will be unsent and you'll have a second chance to correct it! Edit the email in Gmail as normal, and then re-click Send once you've finished modifying the email.
Unsend email in Gmail

It's important to note that Gmail has imposed a few significant restrictions on email recall. If you click away from your email after hitting send, you will be unable to undo the action. If you wait more than 30 seconds, you won't also be able to unsend an email. You can't use Gmail's unsend email feature unless you're immediately aware of your mistakes.

So, in Gmail, can you undo an email? Yes, indeed. However, the accessibility is limited, and the "yes" is marked with a large asterisk. Unfortunately, the best Gmail can do is remind you to proofread and double-check attachments in the future if you want to unsend an email after an hour or a day.

Unsend your emails in Outlook

Outlook users are in the same boat as Gmail users in that they can unsend emails, but there is a catch. You can either unsend an email or replace it with a replacement message in Microsoft Outlook.

The catch is that you and your recipient must both have an Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account in the same organization to take advantage of this offer. In other words, if the email is internal and hasn't been viewed yet, you can unsend it in Outlook. Otherwise you're sadly out of luck.

(Note: To determine whether an email can be recalled, check the unread/read status of the email in question)

First, you need to go to your Outlook settings and do the actions in this picture accordingly.

Outlook settings for undo send

Once you get it done, try to send an email to an Outlook email address, you'll see a small pop-up at the bottom of messages list like this. You're able to unsend your email.

Unsend email in Outlook


While Gmail and Outlook support email recall/unsending, many other Email Service Providers do not. As a result, the more carefully you draft your email before sending it, the lower the risk of making a mistake.